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IV Vitamin Therapy & Injectables


Replenish Cocktail

This drip helps build stronger immunity, increases hydration, improves nerve and bone health, supports better blood circulation, boosts energy levels, enhances mode and memory and helps with improved sleep, migraines, jetlag and hangover recovery.

High Dose Vitamin C

This drip helps to build collagen, cartilage, muscle and blood vessels.  Vitamin C is necessary for the immune system to function at it's highest level promoting healing and cell protection from free radicals.

Trace Elements Cocktail

This drip fights the obvious signs of trace mineral deficiency, including a weakened immune system, anemia, chronic fatigue, and low energy levels.  It helps to combat irregular heartbeat, brain fog, poor digestion and appetite as well as boosting energy levels, reducing fatigue and aiding in proper neurological function.


Glutathione can be added to any IV therapy for the added benefit of reduced inflammation, cell regeneration, improvement in liver health and insulin resistance, a reduction in oxidative stress and a boost in brain health and immunity.



Methylated B-12 Injection

This injection provides: increased energy levels, increased metabolism, improved sleep patterns, increased concentration, improved mood, boosted immunity, help with hair growth/loss


Lipo-B Injection

This injection provides all the benefits of Methylated B-12 with the added benefit of weight loss and liver detox


MIC Injection

This injection is recommended for those with optimal B-12 levels who want the benefit of weight loss and liver detox

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